European Directives

European Directives

What we want

  • A reduction in restrictive measures which do not greatly benefit employees but significantly increase costs for salon owners.

What are we doing

  • We’re on the board of Coiffure EU, the European body for trade associations like the NHF which represents employers, negotiating on your behalf.
  • Fighting against the implementation of unnecessary and expensive health & safety legislation in salons.
  • Promoting healthy and safe working in salons and barbershops through training and toolbox materials.

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How the NHF can help

  • A free guide on health and safety for hairdressing and barbering is available to members and non-members of the NHF. More detailed information is included in the NHF’s health and safety toolkit which contains everything you need to cover health and safety law, in a box!
  • The box includes a health and safety guide for you and your employees, risk assessments for the most common salon or barbershop hazards, a health and safety policy plus the mandatory health and safety poster, first aid kit, first aid and fire notices, accident book and more, all for the price of £65 plus £4.50 P&P for members and £99 plus P&P for non-members. Click here to order online. Or call a member of the membership team to order yours: 01234 831965.


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