National minimum wage & national living wage

National Minimum & National Living Wage

What we want

  • Restraint on National Minimum Wage increases, especially for Apprentices, and on National Living Wage increases.
  • Apprentices to be paid at the same rate regardless of age.
  • Relaxation on ‘naming and shaming’ businesses if underpayments have genuinely been by mistake and involve small sums.

What are we doing

  • Calling for measures to reduce the impact of wage increases eg reducing VAT, increasing the Employment Allowance and reducing National Insurance contributions.
  • Putting your views to the Low Pay Commission, HMRC, other government bodies and Ministers through meetings and responses to consultations.
  • Ensuring decision-makers understand the impact of big wage rises on small labour-intensive businesses.
  • On top of their wages, there are additional costs to employing Apprentices eg time spent training and supervising. Apprentices are doing the same job and should be paid the same regardless of age.

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How the NHF can help

  • Call the NHF membership team on 01234 831965 if you have any queries or need any help in checking whether your employees are being paid the correct rate.
  • The NHF membership offers you access to a range of valuable information, including the National Minimum Wage guide.


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