The National Executive Council (NEC) is the governing body of the National Hairdressers’ Federation. Its role is to protect and promote the interests of NHF and its membership as a whole, having regard to all regions, interests and issues relevant to NHF and its members.

The NEC:

  • Develops strategy, vision and mission, key strategic objectives and measures
  • Approves annual business plans and budgets
  • Holds the CEO to account on delivering the strategy and business plan, as agreed and approved by the NEC
  • Reviews financial performance
  • Monitors use of resources
  • Approves policies
  • Fulfils its legal and statutory responsibilities
  • Holds NHF regions to account for delivering regional activity plans, as agreed and approved by the NEC
  • Appoints a Chief Executive 
  • Has oversight of the Remuneration and Disciplinary Committees
  • Sets clear boundaries with operational issues

The following vacancies are available:

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