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I am a hardworking businesswoman and the owner of Envy, a chain of hair and beauty salons, based in Plymouth. I’m passionate about the hair and beauty industry. I’m qualified to teach hairdressing and I use my coaching and mentoring skills as part of an ongoing culture within my organisation. I believe consistency is the ‘key to success’.

I have been working in the industry for 32 years. I have the experience and understanding of the trade to recognise day-to-day challenges that proprietors face. I can offer support, advice and solutions through coaching and mentoring to change behavior, team development and I will help you work ‘on’ your business as opposed to ‘in’ it.

I started in the hairdressing industry at 13 as a salon assistant. At 16 I enrolled on a YTS apprenticeship, gaining my City & Guilds and worked as a full time stylist for 13 years. I then got my NVQ level 3 Hairdressing qualification and assessor qualifications. In November 2000 I set up my first salon but sold it in 20013 to buy a larger one. In 2006 I was mentored for 2 years by a business development coach and I made the transition from hairdresser to businesswoman. I gained a certificate in coaching and mentoring. I have full teaching qualifications and train my apprentices in-house. I opened my second salon Envy RWY in 2012 and my third salon, ENVY PSM in 2014.

Testimonial: Talem Recruitment Group

Carol McGeary, Director Talem Recruitment Group

Envy, through Tracie’s leadership and vision, sets the standards of what the hairdressing profession aspires to be. As a Director of a growing recruitment group I deal with business owners from many industries and there is always a common thread running through the successful entrepreneurs: vision, strategic thinking, passion for delivering excellence in customer service and development of their own staff.
The course she has written and delivered to her management team has seen a huge improvement in staff retention and consistency of brand awareness to ensure her vision of exemplary customer service is maintained. Tracie has added a third successful salon to the group and this has only been achieved by her focusing on working “on the business” rather than being wholly operational. As a continuous user of Envy’s services I can testify to Tracie’s capability to lead, motivate and grow a very successful brand!


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