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Keep the world of business running smoothly with Worldpay

In research conducted last year, Worldpay, the UK’s leading payments provider, found small businesses typically spend around a fifth of their time on paperwork and admin. In a salon, where stylists are used to processing a large number of transactions each day, reconciling that information can result in late nights and early mornings cashing up.

Aside from the requirements to keep up to date financial records, having access to good quality data provides visibility during busy periods and is absolutely vital when it comes to planning and forecasting. Yet when nearly one in five business owners are still running their business using a pen and paper, it’s no wonder many independent businesses are struggling to call up an accurate record of profit and loss.

The business of beauty

Salon owners need business tools designed to help them manage all of their transactions in one place – in an easy-to-understand layout. These tools should provide instant access to sales trends and allow businesses to keep on top of their cash flow, customer enquiries and stock.

Addressing this challenge, My Business Hub - an intuitive, all-in-one tablet-based point-of-sale solution - brings to salon owners the ability to reduce the daily admin burden by automating the reconciliation of cash and card payments.

Here, there, or anywhere

Queuing is one of the biggest turn-offs for shoppers with nearly three quarters saying they will abandon a purchase if they have to wait more than five minutes . Utilising technology that takes sales away from the till and to the stylist’s chair is a great way to reduce congestion around reception and offer a personalised service to clients, all without needing to hire additional reception staff - something all salons want to avoid and manage better.

Improve customer experience

With My Business Hub, if reception gets busy, stylists can take payment at the styling chair with a tablet, maximising the opportunity to talk to busy clients about additional products and services before they rush off.

Worldpay, helping businesses grow

With My Business Hub, salon owners can get back to what they really love doing in their salon:

  • Operated with a detachable Android tablet, My Business Hub gives stylists the freedom to take payments anywhere in the salon. This flexibility means they can spend more time with clients, enhancing the overall customer experience, while also helping to reduce queues at busy times.
  • Accepts all forms of major debit and credit cards, contactless, mobile payments and cash.
  • The detachable tablet also allows stylists to:
    • Use the device for other functions, whether that be ordering stock online or checking emails and responding to customer enquiries.
    • View and compare sales trends, access transaction history, keep on top of cash flow, manage reconciliation quicker and view invoices on a simple and easy to use platform.
    • Cut down on time spent on administration and increase the opportunity to connect more deeply with clients.

My Business Hub is also fully integrated with My Business Dashboard, Worldpay’s online insights tool. Hub users will be able to see both cash and card transactions in their My Business Dashboard account, saving them time, while also enabling them to track performance, view sales trends and gain valuable insights about their business.

Want to know more?

When purchasing My Business Hub, you will receive all the support you need when it comes to installing, getting set up for taking payments, and becoming PCI DSS compliant.

We’re trusted by over 300,000 small UK businesses, no joining fee, 24/7 UK customer support and offer a range of great additional benefits for our customers. An ideal plan if you’re looking to accept card payments face to face or online, via mail or telephone, and on the move, with flexible pricing plans to suit your business needs.

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