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OnZen captures the long established benefits of Japanese spring water bathing in naturally CO2 carbonated tablet form. The patented Japanese innovation has been introduced to European markets by the OnZen Cosmetics Division of German-based Tetenal GmbH and is currently distributed in the UK by Tetenal Ltd based in Leicester.

An invigorating benefit for your hair and skin

OnZen’s naturally carbonated shower and bathing tablets negatively ionise the water which in return has invigorating effects on the skin, hair and scalp. Used through the OnZen Shower Head, OnZen Hair tablets help to wash and rinse the hair and scalp deeply through removing positively charged impurities while revitalising the hair and revealing its natural shine. When used in showering or bathing, OnZen Home Spa tablets dissolve in the water and open up the skin’s pores for a deep invigorating bathing experience while the natural pH-value of the CO2 improves blood circulation. This in turn can help to reduce stress and naturally moisturises the skin, leaving it soft and smooth at the same time as easing skin irritations.

OnZen Hair and OnZen Home Spa are available in a variety of pack sizes together with a range of accessories to professional salons as well as for home use.

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