Premium Protection - Why use an Insurance Broker?

Quote A broker can act as your insurance ‘personal shopper’ when it comes to renewal time. But the relationship and support go much deeper than that,” says Heidi Morton, Senior Salon Insurance expert for Coversure Insurance Services

As another cost in a tough economic climate, it is easy to see why it might be tempting to go online to comparison sites and ‘do it yourself’ to try to reduce your insurance premiums when the time comes to renewing your insurance, especially as brokers take a commission from the insurer. However what’s much less well recognised is so do comparison sites; they receive a commission paid from the provider when a policy is taken out.

Insurance is too important and complex to go the DIY route, especially Business Insurance. Buying the right insurance cover is not just about protecting you, your business and your employees; it is about giving you the peace of mind to enable you to focus on daily business operations and making your salon a success.

Insurance can be complicated and no two businesses will be the same in what they require and there are a lot of different products on the market. This is where a specialist insurance broker can really help.

So what can a broker do for you?

Negotiate the best deal

Unlike a faceless website where the policies on offer are likely to be generic, an insurance broker is highly likely to be a qualified expert who can do the shopping for you – as well as negotiate on your behalf to get the best deal.
They can provide competitive rates through already developed relationships with insurance companies so it’s never ‘a cold call’ on customers’ behalf. In this way, they are more likely to find better rates than a customer could.

Insurance policies best suited to your needs

A broker, who knows your industry well, will be much better placed to find a policy specifically tailored to your individual circumstances. Coversure Insurance services has worked with the NHF for over 10 years and therefore has an understanding of your needs and will be able to discuss all the cover you require and find the policy best suited for you.

Provide expert advice and a wider selection of cover

A broker isn’t just someone who sifts and picks out policies. Part of ‘the service’ at no additional cost, is to offer expert advice and explain the benefits of the different policies. When dealing with an insurer directly you won’t always be offered every type of cover.

Reminder of Renewal dates

When it is time for a policy to be renewed, a broker will remind you via your preferred method of communication to discuss and arrange a renewal quote.

Security of personal data

Your personal details will be kept secure and confidential at all times.

Assistance and support whenever you need it

A broker doesn’t just sell a policy and leave it at that. Brokers can be invaluable in offering step-by-step assistance in making a claim. If you have queries or want to discuss your policy at any time during the cover period your broker can help as a point of contact.

Coversure Insurance Services are NHF’s recommended insurance broker and our aim is always to find the most tailored policy at the best rate for you.

We offer competitive premiums with a 20% discount for all NHF members

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