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Unhappy haircut  

How to resolve salon clients’ complaints successfully

Concerned about dealing with unhappy clients and what their legal rights are?  Advice on how best to resolve salon complaints.  Read more

Conflict between employees  

How to resolve conflict between salon employees

How to deal with quarrelling salon employees effectively, and avoid their conflict damaging your hair, beauty or barber business.  Read more

Guest wi-fi  

Do you know your legal requirements when offering clients guest Wi-Fi in your salon or barbershop?

Is free Wi-Fi an essential for your clients? Make sure your aware of the legal aspects when introducing this into your business.  Read more

Social Media  

Putting in place a social media policy

Social media can offer huge benefits to salons. But it is important to ensure staff know what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to posting, whether at work or at home.  Read more

Hefty Problem  

A Hefty Problem?

An NHF member had a client who over the years had got bigger and bigger in size, to the extent now that the stylist was worried the chair wouldn’t able to cope.  Read more

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