Where should I advertise my job description?

Quote Have you tried putting up a job advertisement in your shop window with no luck? You’ve shouted from the rooftops that you would like a new senior stylist?

It’s time to take the next step and start advertising where people are looking. But where’s that? We’re going to highlight a few options available to you.

Industry specific options

Social media

Promoting jobs on your social media accounts means you’re reaching out to people who may already like your page and therefore see what you do. They could already be advocates of your brand. It also gives people the opportunity to share your posts which could get seen by someone else within your local area who could be interested in the role. People on social media may not be actively looking for a new job and could be intrigued with the position or the prospect of a new challenge.

Don’t forget: Every Wednesday at 8-9pm, Hair Hour is held on Twitter. Just use the #hairhour and tag @Hair_Hour and start tweeting! This gives you the opportunity to spread the word about your job vacancy and there may be some other keen stylists or barbers looking for a new job near you.


Do you have a salon website and a blog? Writing regular blog posts gives your audience a chance to interact with you. This also means readers can share your posts and more people can discover you and your business. Why not share with your audience that you’re looking for a new member of your team, a reader may even be the right candidate!


If you have a salon vacancy or room to rent, your advert will be seen by up to 80,000 hair and beauty professionals on beautyguild.com. It will also match any vacancy to any members registered and notify them of the new vacancy and to contact you. 

If you become a Guild member you receive one free salon vacancy advert per year, plus a reduced rate on all further recruitment advertising.
£19.95 member price, £39.95 non-member price.

Each advertisement will stay live on the website for 1 month.

HJi jobs

HJi has a website dedicated to jobs for the hairdressing, barber and beauty industry. This allows you to post a job (standard £99) visible for 28 days. The difference with this website is that it allows you to search resumes which candidates have posted, to access and contact each individual for £15.

Non-industry specific options

If you google job sites you will find pages of results. We look at some of the most popular sites that could work for you and your business.

A good first option down this route would be Indeed as it is FREE and you can post an unlimited amount of times. This allows you to test out your job description and the job which you are recruiting for. If it doesn’t receive much of a response perhaps it’s time to re-look at the job description and compare it to others in the industry. Or if it’s doing well, but you just aren’t reaching the right candidates, then you may want to move on to another recruitment website which is listed below, where it could be seen by a more appropriate audience. 


Monster receives more traffic than Indeed and it will allow you to filter and manage applications, which means you may be more likely to find the right candidate for you as you have more control.

However, it will come with a cost:

1 – £190 each (30 days)
2-4 – £170 each (30 days)
5-9 – £140 each (30 days)


Reed has 10.6 million active candidates with the beauty and spa industry reaching some 33,000 of those.
As a new customer of the site they have a welcome offer of £79 for a six-week job advertisement. The job will also be emailed to the best 100 matching candidates and there’s an option to share across social media channels.
After this, the rates go up to £175 per advertisement for a six-week advertisement. Applications will go straight to your inbox after a candidate screening questionnaire. Your advertisement will also be refreshed to the top of the listings on day 4, 8 and 12.

CV Library

CV Library has 10.4 million active candidates. This option will also come at a cost of £149 for a 28-day listing. Your advert will be shared with a network of over 800 career sites, showing your company profile.

There are a wide range of ways you can promote your jobs. It’s important to remember that it may not work first time and you may need to try a mixture of techniques to find the right person for you and your business.

Think you’ve found the perfect person on paper? Now it’s time to interview them and see if they could fit your business needs.


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