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Quote  Want to know what’s happening at the new NHF business workshops before you commit to signing up?

The NHF’s new programme of business workshops and seminars lock together.
All the courses do stand alone but the information within them also overlaps, so we’re advising owners, if they can, to try to get to all three during the course of the year.

The all-day courses are covering three topics:

How to make your salon more profitable

  • What is profit in the salon context?
  • How much profit should you expect, and how much should you be taking out?
  • What is the relationship between wages, performance and profit?
  • How can you make pricing/price positioning work better?

How to manage yourself and your team

  • Leading from the back.
  • Effective recruitment, induction, training and career progression.
  • Managing one-to-one and team meetings.
  • Holding “difficult” conversations/the disciplinary meeting.

Delivering a great client experience

  • What is it you are selling and who is your market?
  • What do clients really want and what is your real competition? 
  • What does a “winning client journey” look and feel like?
  • How to be consistently great, even on a bad day!

"Running a successful salon needs to be about much more than just having great skills. It also relies on good business knowledge and what we call ‘a winning formula’," says Chris Amos.

Think big

The workshops are an opportunity for salon owners to step back from the day-to-day and "think big" about their business and how they manage. They are a chance to gain fresh perspectives, rethink preconceptions and ambitions and, at a more practical level, simply bounce ideas off peers.

So, if you turn up, what are you going to learn? That will, of course, to an extent depend on you. But the profitability seminars that ran last autumn certainly proved extremely popular with those who attended

"The profitability courses look in depth at questions such as how much profit can you expect to make from your business, how much should you be taking out?" says Chris.

"We also talk about wages: are you paying people the right amount to keep them motivated and get the most from them? Pricing is another important topic: how do you know if your pricing is working for you or against you?" he adds.

Business knowledge

When it comes to managing yourself and your team, a key message is trying to encourage people to manage based on evidence – on facts – rather than opinion and recognising the importance of passing on business knowledge, Chris argues.

"There can be a fear that if you educate a stylist too much they’ll just disappear off down the road and open up their own salon. But in fact it’s the other way around. If you can educate them that their column is their business and explain things such as the fact all the money they see going through the till isn’t profit – and so therefore they might be better off staying working at a successful salon rather than risking everything by starting up on their own – it can be to everyone’s benefit," he says.

Client experience can depend on something as fragile as the mood of the stylist that day, so a "winning formula" in this context is not just about how good people are at cutting and colouring, it needs to about instilling a conscious, constant process of education and motivation within your salon.

"What we try to do is explain the importance of leading from the back rather than the front; so it is all about the team and developing an environment where you are encouraging team growth and motivation," Chris adds. 

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