There is no one path to growing your salon or barbershop, but there are some common steps worth considering. We provide some insight into five steps you can take to propel your business to the next level.

Barber management

1. Planning for growth from the start

You should be thinking about what a growing, sustainable salon or barbershop looks like from the very beginning, and building this into early decisions in everything from how you structure your business model to funding. This can help prevent serious barriers to growth and give you better options to choose from when the time comes to make each step up.

2. Generating sustainable sales

The key here is to work out what delivers consistent results i.e. happy customers, and what is the most profitable and sustainable kind of work. For example, you may choose to offer more keratin treatments over color treatments as their demand is less seasonal.

3. Improve efficiency and deliver profits

As a busy salon or barbershop owner, you might often feel like a jack of all trades. Depending on your salon’s size, this may involve everything from staying on top of finances, to dealing with staffing issues and day-to-day administration. Over time this can end up becoming a bottleneck.
Letting go of some tasks, and indeed some decisions, is often fundamental to growing. This can mean hiring or outsourcing some of the day-to-day business admin or building a team of managers and advisors that can together make everything else work. The point is for you to do what only you can do. Drive customers through the door and deliver excellent service.

4. Funding growth opportunities

Whether you want to expand by offering new treatments, hiring new staff, or simply open a new shop or premises, funding can lend a helping hand. Nowadays there are so many options, from banks, grants, angels, crowdfunding and even friends and family. The growing alternative finance industry is good news for you and the future of your salon or barbershop.

5. Adapting to change

Being able to adapt to changing legislation, fluctuating demand and unforeseeable events such as flooding or staff departures, is crucial for your continued growth.
Scaling up can be one of the most exciting times in your journey as a salon or barbershop owner, and nailing the foundations at the start can help hit those great heights, even if there’s a storm brewing.


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