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Allergy alert record card

How to set up our Allergy Alert system

Why allergy testing is a must and how to set up a free, simple and effective testing system in your hair salon or barbers. Read more

Health & Safety

Do you know the Health & Safety requirements for your salon?

Did you know one person is seriously injured at work every 17 minutes? Looking after the health and safety of your team and clients is part of building a successful business. Read more

Black Henna

Black Henna Temporary Tattoos

As clients jet off on their holidays, it’s worth informing them of the risks of ‘Black Henna’ Temporary Tattoos which can cause them to develop allergies to hair colorants.  Read more

Mental Health

All in the mind?

Unlike a physical injury, mental ill-health is something people often find hard to deal with. The first step is learning how to listen, argues Trevor Bell.  Read more

Spotting skin cancer

Could you spot the early signs of skin cancer on your clients scalp?

Hair professionals can play a key role in helping to spot the early signs of skin cancer – especially in male clients.  Read more


Trichology: Do you Need It?

Short answer: Yes! Martyn Wady, from The Wady Company explains more...  Read more