Trichology is the study of the hair and scalp, including hair loss and scalp conditions and disorders. So as a hair professional, it’s something you really should know about. Plus trichology can improve client care and provide opportunities for additional services.

Over your career you’ll definitely encounter clients with hair and scalp problems so you need know what to look for. For example, here are some commonly misdiagnosed scalp and hair loss issues:

  • Medication induced hair loss
  • Hormonal changes affecting the skin and hair
  • Stress and dietary changes
  • Development of allergies to products
  • Improper product use

Basic knowledge

Your clients trust you and they will often come to you first for advice on thinning hair or scalp problems. So you should be able to offer basic diagnostics and advice.

Without this help, clients could waste time and money on poor treatments and remedies. A diverse hair professional should be able to tell the differences between irritants and allergies, the different types of hair loss and crucially, where to go for trustworthy, reliable advice and treatment.

Trichology services

Trichology should be an integral part of the services you offer as a salon professional.

Studying beyond the basics enables you to provide trustworthy, reliable advice as well as consultations and treatment options. And remember, these won’t just be for your existing clients. With around 20% of the population experiencing hair loss or scalp problems at any one time, there’s a real need for professional trichology services, all of which can generate additional income.

Plus knowing how skin functions as a protective barrier and how it can be breached, you’ll have a better understanding of how to avoid occupational hand disease and the risk of developing a lifelong allergy.

Key facts

  • 50% of women will suffer hair loss at some stage in their lives
  • 40% of men will experience some hair loss by the time they are 35
  • Occupational hand disease is growing at an alarming rate in UK hairdressing
  • There are currently only 80 trichologist registered with the Institute of Trichology in UK for a population of 64million.

TrichoCare Education