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New employment law for salons and barbershops

Salons and barbershops must understand and comply with new employment laws following two recent court cases and fresh legislation.  Read more

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Prices, retail and profits in your salon or barbershop

Getting the basics right such as prices and retail sales is crucial if you want to make a profit and grow your salon or barbershop business. Read more

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What to do when someone resigns from your salon or barbershop

Whether you’re losing your best salon or barbershop employee or are secretly glad to see the back of someone, find out what to do and how to create a positive way forward. Read more

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Formal or disciplinary action, dismissals and redundancies 

If you need to start formal or disciplinary action, dismiss a member of staff, or make redundancies in your salon or barbershop make sure you follow the right procedures and stay within the law. Read more


Handling no-shows and late cancellations

Find out what you can do to reduce no-shows and how to minimise your losses when clients don’t turn up. Read more