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What rights do your salon and barbershop employees have?

Your salon or barbershop employees will have legal rights as soon as they accept your offer of employment and turn up for their first day of work – even during their probationary period. Read more

Annual leave

Holiday entitlement for salon and barbershop employees

Find answers to the most common holiday entitlement questions salon and barbershop owners raised with our membership team.  Read more

Are you listening

Employers' liability insurance for salons and barbershops

As an employer, you must have employers' liability insurance to protect your salon and barbershop employees. Read more

Allergy alert record card

Public liability insurance for your salon or barbershop

Public liability insurance is vital protection for your salon or barbershop. It will cover compensation payouts and the legal costs of defending a claim. Read more

Claiming expenses

Beat business disruption: plan for business as usual

Business disruption can be extremely costly. This can be anything from your booking system going down, to floods, fire, theft or power cuts. A peace-of-mind plan plus insurance is vital. Read more


How to handle complaints at your salon or barbershop

Handling complaints well is a vital skill for salon and barbershop owners. But how should you respond when someone complains, and what about negative reviews online?  Read more


Do you play music, show TV programmes or offer Wi-Fi in your salon or barbershop?

Make sure you understand what licences you need otherwise you may face a potentially heavy fine.  Read more