Offering free Wi-Fi is now a standard part of the experience clients (guests) have come to expect when they step into the majority of salons.
However, when offering this client perk – “public Wi-Fi”, there are certain legal aspects that need to be adhered to.

To most salon owners handing over the salons Wi-Fi password is deemed an innocent act, but this is exactly where the law is broken.


The three laws all salon owners need to be aware of are:

1. Data Retention Regulations (2009)

This legislation was brought in to help law enforcement agencies investigate criminal and terrorist activities. Salons must retain key Wi-Fi user data for a period of 12 months.

2. Digital Economy Act (2010)

Here, the onus is on the salon to try and prevent piracy and copyright infringement by recording the registration details of users and displaying clear terms and conditions for use of their service.

A simple example of this would be a client illegally downloading a movie. In an open Wi-Fi service, you have no record of who that user is and your site has no terms and conditions regarding this. Therefore, you and your business are the ones deemed responsible and at risk of being fined or prosecuted.

3. Data Protection Act

A salon providing public Wi-Fi to clients has an obligation to retain the details of a user’s personal information and be able to provide these if requested. It also has a requirement for the secure processing and storage of any personal information collected and sufficient steps to prevent any misuse of it.

On top of these legal requirements, salon owners also need to be aware of the importance of having suitable content filtering software, to prevent users accessing inappropriate sites.

Guest wi-fi

The solution

Provide your clients with a secure branded landing page, data storage/tracking and content filtering. 

Adding this extra kit can been seen solely as an additional cost at first glance. However, there are some great benefits to this beyond the legal ramifications;

  • Provide a professional branded landing page to your clients
  • Capture additional client information which you can use for marketing purposes
  • Run simple sign up marketing campaigns to engage clients
  • Segment and target offers and adverts to new and existing clients
  • Redirect clients to your website before they start using your service


  • Not sure what are your requirements are of data protection? NHF members can download for free the guide to Data Protection for hair salons, barbershops and beauty salons. 
  • NHF Trade Members Mutu are able to support you with providing a solution for your businesses WI-FI needs find out more here.