Employees are the lifeblood of any business yet it can be a challenge to find the right one. But what should you consider when looking for new people?

Hire for growth

When you hire for growth - experience should be your #1 consideration. Ideally the candidate should have worked at either a competitors or a similar business. They should also have built up a loyal customer base - one that is willing to follow them wherever they go. If they don't match these criteria & have a following - this is a red flag that either their customer service or skills aren't up to scratch. When you are hiring for growth you need someone who is job ready not one that needs basic training.

Hire for expansion

If your business has experienced steady growth and its now time to expand and open another salon. You should be hiring long before this happens, as you need to be strategic in order for it to be successful. For this you want to get grass roots and grow your own team by hiring apprentices, who you can train to your method of running a business. Hiring an apprentice works twofold as they have yet to be influenced by another's businesses mind-set so they will be more open to learning everything you have to teach. It's also an opportunity for you to prime them for promotion and to become and integral part of your expansion time. Employees who feel part of your business and that are part of the decision making process take more pride in their work and will go over and beyond to make your business a success as they can see how it benefits them also. This is a win/win for everyone.

Hiring for stability

You may have made the wrong hiring decisions in the past and as a result of these you are now paying the expensive price of your business not doing as well as it should be. You might have lost customers, you are struggling to move the business forward and it seems like you are the only one who’s doing any work. If you take a day off the whole place descends into chaos, you have a business that only works if you do.

To get your business back on track you are going to need a strong team leader to implement changes to turn things around. This will be someone with a proven track record and that is used to working and building a successful business. For this hire you will also need to look at their network and whom they can introduce you to. This person will have good standing in the industry and be influential. With this type of hire it’s best to be as specific as possible when placing your ad. For this type of candidate it’s best to hire slowly as you'll no doubt be firing quickly the staff that aren't making your business a success.

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Ian Morris, Job Book