You’ve recruited a great hair & beauty team so how do you now go about retaining them?

1. Retention starts with recruitment

Be clear from the start what type of person you need for your salon or barbershop. Just as a cricket team isn’t made up of eleven bowlers, so your business will need different types of people to make it work.

Our blog post, “How to recruit the best salon team,” is packed with ideas, advice and tips on finding and recruiting the right team for your hair, beauty or barbershop. Read it here.

Think about team dynamics and how candidates will fit with your existing team. The right stylist or therapist can help drive your salon team forward, while a poor-fit can de-motivate a team and pull it down.

And don’t ignore the value of hiring very ambitious people – they may not stay as long as others, but what they bring can be invaluable.


2. A great induction is a great start

Induction is a vital but often overlooked element of the employment process. This is your opportunity to spell out exactly what is expected of your new salon employee.

A detailed Employment Contract is a good starting point as it sets out the ground rules. It also covers you legally if there are future problems. NHF Members can download a comprehensive hair & beauty industry Contract of Employment template here. This industry specific contract is ready-to-use and free to our Members.

A thorough induction process also gives your new employee time to get to know their colleagues, understand how your business operates and buy into your salon culture.

3. Saying thank you to salon employees

Saying thank you to your team doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Just taking them aside and thanking them for a job well done has a huge effect on motivation and team morale.

Want to give something more tangible?

  • Offer reductions on salon retail.
  • Give childcare vouchers.
  • Fix an annual salon outing (it doesn’t have to be Christmas when you’re rushed off your feet).
  • Reward with an extra day’s holiday.
  • Pay them for spending a day doing voluntary work in the local community.

4. Career development boosts retention

People love to be given the opportunity to grow. If there is no opportunity to grow then your team members are less likely to invest their time into your business and more likely to move on to the salon down the road.

When you’re busy it’s easy to forget that training and development are not just for apprentices. Ensure your training programme covers the whole team:

  • Have a training plan for every employee.
  • Include regular appraisals, 1:1s and assessments.
  • Team meetings let you share your vision for your salon with your team.
  • Ensure every person knows they are valued.

When retention isn’t the answer

No matter how careful you are at selecting and mentoring your team, employment issues do arise.

Employment Law is a technical area. Getting it wrong can hit your hair, beauty or barber business hard with lawyers’ fees and time spent worrying about tribunals.

The key is to get it right from the start; the NHF offers a Legal Lifeline to its Members. Our experienced team is waiting to answer your employment questions 24/7 (free of charge) and help guide you through the legal pitfalls. Members also enjoy have automatic free legal expenses cover up to £50,000.

Learn more about this invaluable support and how it can help your salon or barbershop here.