Lights, camera, action: is your salon or barbershop on YouTube? If not, you’re missing a great opportunity to raise your profile and attract more clients. Find out how to get started and discover top tips for YouTube success.

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Why should your salon or barbershop be on YouTube?

“Hairdressing is incredibly visual and therefore it makes absolute sense to use a visual media channel such as YouTube to show off your work and educate clients,” says NHF Member Anne Veck.

“YouTube is popular, free, and easy to upload – but it stands to reason that if you want to make an impact you need to have great, watchable videos. You need the video to be straight to the point, fast and edgy.”


Understand the basics

• You will need to have a Google account. Once you are logged into your Google account, go to to sign up for a YouTube account.
• You’ll need to choose a username – this will probably be the name of your salon or barbershop.
• Your email address and a password will be required, and you will need to add details such as your location and post code.
• Don’t forget to add information about your YouTube channel. This will appear under the ‘About’ tab on your YouTube channel and can include a link to your salon or barbershop.
• Decide if you want to block comments altogether or moderate them before publication. Moderating can be a good option as ‘trolls’ can leave offensive and irrelevant comments. Find out more about managing comments on YouTube.

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 Planning the content of your videos

Says Anne Veck: “It is important to sit down and work out really carefully what it is you want to do. What do you want the video to achieve and to say about your salon?”

Plan to keep your video clips short – from one minute to a maximum of three minutes. Attention spans are very short and viewers will quickly move on if nothing catches their interest.

Always include a ‘call to action’ at the end of your video. For example, encourage viewers to make an appointment at your salon or barbershop or ask for a consultation.

Ideas for content

Do some research: look for hairdressing, beauty and barbering videos on YouTube and see which ones you like most and seem to be popular with viewers. This will give you some ideas for the kind of content you may like to create. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

• Introduce your staff and showcase your salon or barbershop interior.
• Demonstrate hairstyles that viewers can do themselves – for example, fast updos.
• Offer blow-dry hints and tips for particular styles – for example, bobs or longer hair.
• Explain how to get the most from your hairdresser or barber – what to ask and how to explain styles and colours.
• Demonstrate how beards can be kept in trim between appointments.
• Go through a daily skin care routine – highlight what products they could use and what services you offer in the salon.
• Invite your product supplier to take part in a video clip to help promote the retail side of your business.
• Offer advice for common problems. 

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Creating your YouTube videos

To my mind, it’s worth the investment of having it filmed professionally – the quality increases massively,” says Anne Veck. “But if you’ve not got much of a budget, one tip can be to use a media student who needs experience and can get access to equipment and materials through college.”

Another option, popular with many YouTubers, is to make your own video clips and use a free editing program to make the final result as professional as possible. With editing programs you can delete the bits you don’t like, add text to the screen, and adjust the sound levels, brightness and colour.

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Increasing the number of views

• Make sure all the videos you upload are marked ‘public’ – you can do this in your YouTube account under the privacy settings.
• Add keywords to each video you upload to help people find you via search engines. You can do this in your account by selecting individual videos, going to ‘edit’ and typing your keywords into the ‘tag’ section.
• Add a subscribe button to encourage more views and loyalty to your channel.
• Publicise your YouTube channel via Twitter, Facebook and your salon or barbershop website.
• Embed your latest video clips on Twitter, Facebook and your website.
• Show snippets of the video on your Instagram account and Insta stories
• Add good quality videos on a regular basis. You could create a YouTube calendar to help you stick to a regular timetable. Quality trumps quantity – avoid uploading lots of poor-quality videos. Sharing a good quality video every month or six weeks, for example, is much more effective.

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• Make the most of YouTube: it’s free!
• Familiarise yourself with the basics.
• Plan your content and always include a call to action.
• If your budget is limited use a media student or do it yourself.
• Publicise your YouTube channel to maximise views.
• Add good quality videos on a regular basis.

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