Hairdressing, beauty and barbering businesses can loose clients because they cannot get through on the phone, which is just bad business. Missing calls for cancellations means you miss opportunities to sell these openings to others clients, so salons should consider a Salon Call Manager. 

Salons are greatly reliant on an established technology which is overlooked by too many owners;

The analogue phone line.

THE most important channel, the life blood on the business that quietly oversees the 3 C’s 

  • Contact (the salon)
  • Connect (with clients)
  • Convert (clients to revenue) 

You can turn this very fundamental utility into a very powerful revenue generating business tool by augmenting it with a Salon Call Manager.



The days of letting clients wait on the other end of the phone listening to a ring tone are long gone. It’s bad for business and statistics repeatedly back this statement up. An instant professional front-of-house welcome with call control and live call data are becoming the norm across the industry.
There are several options on the market to help promote a professional service, the best of these enable salons to monetise every customer contact, with the added bonus of being a cloud based managed service. The benefits of these solutions include; 

  • Professional control of inbound customer calls including branding
  • Turn the call waiting (dead time) into an opportunity to inform, promote and prevent hang-ups. This helps deliver a joined up sales and marketing process
  • Never miss another call, instantly return unanswered calls, rescuing potential lost revenue
  • Monitor and measure the performance of reception, the result is a reflection of your business
  • Provide total visibility and control of the main source of appointment bookings
  • Provide a gateway to information about your salon
  • Unlimited client queuing without hearing the ringing or engaged tone
  • Seamless business continuity in the event of a phone-line fault 

This type of solution is simple to integrate and proven to pay for itself, so when selecting this option, flexibility and feature rich make sense.

What to consider

Most salon owners don’t consider the question, “can my telephone system fail”?
The answer is “Yes”, this technology is more susceptible than you think;

  • Adverse weather including lightening
  • Water flood damage
  • Freezing
  • Corrosion
  • Road-works

Without a virtual phone management system, the absence of this greatly trusted technology will leave the business blind. When an outage happens, it is usually a considerable amount of time. The cost to the business can be devastating. Any service outage may affect broadband too.


To prevent this scenario, some joined-up thinking for the front-of-house will remove this situation;

  • Implement a salon call manager to control inbound calls. Besides its professional call control, this solution allows you to redirect inbound calls to mobile or another landline in the event of an outage. The cleverest part is it uses the same salon number(s), same greetings, same messages, same call information, enabling the business to maintain it presence and continuity.
  • Alternatively to an analogue line you can choose a VoIP phone solution. This works over broadband, this too can be routed through the virtual phone management system. However, make sure you operate a redundant broadband service (warm stand-by with failure monitoring and alerts) to allow the second feed to automatically cut in if the first fails. An additional option if premises configuration and location permits, is a 4G dongle that provides a third method to maintain connection. This is router specific functionality, so bear that in mind if you chose to take this additional path.

Barry Stephens, Mutu