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TV Licencing

TV licence needed for hair and beauty businesses 

Ensuring you know when your hair or beauty salon requires a TV licence, whether your business features a television or tablet device.   Read more

Business Rates

Business rates revaluation for hair and beauty salons

Are you paying the correct business rates for your salon? Revaluation is set to change rates for many hair and beauty businesses.    Read more

strategic pricing

Five ways to improve profit with strategic pricing

Simon Harris from mysalonmanager looks at five ways to help you understand what prices you should be charging to improve profits for your salon or barbershop.  Read more

Energy efficient business

7 ways of becoming more energy efficient in your salon

Dr Denise Baden from Southampton Business School shares her top 7 ways of saving you money and making your business more energy efficient.  Read more

National Minimum Wage

National Minimum Wage Rate Change

Check your rates as you many not be paying your employees the right rates for the National Minimum Wage and the National Living wage.  Read more

Starting a new business

Journey of a new salon owner

If you want to be a salon owner there are certain things you need to know. Before you start your journey, take a look at these tips with things you need to consider.  Read more


How to make your salon more profitable

To know if you are making a profit, you must know how much money your salon is bringing in and needs to pay out.   Read more

Salon software

How to understand what our computer systems are telling us!

 Penny Etheridge looks at how to use salon software reports to manage your team.   Read more

No shows

How to prevent no show clients in your salon?

Not only is it incredibly annoying when clients don’t show up to their appointments, but they can cost your salon thousands of pounds each year.   Read more

Salon Start-up Guides

Salon Start-up Guides

The NHF has published a series of online start-up guides to help hairdressing, barbering and beauty entrepreneurs take the plunge and launch their own businesses.  Read more

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Now is a great time for fresh thinking especially when your business is heading in the right direction. Step back, re-evaluate and regroup for the coming year.  Read more

Five steps to success

Five Steps to Success

Being successful is about realising you cannot spin all the plates all the time. It’s important to step back, regroup and think strategically about what you have achieved and what needs prioritising.  Read more

Beauty Treatments

10 Tips for Starting Your Own Beauty Business

It is a very common misconception that you can just start a business, and it seems to be particularly the case in our industry.   Read more

Starting a beauty business

Extending into beauty treatments

No one doubts it has been tough on the high street in the past few years, but one area that held up remarkably strongly is beauty treatments, with male grooming in particular doing well.  Read more