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10 Tips for Starting Your Own Hair and Beauty Business

There's a lot to think about when starting your own hair/beauty salon or barbershop. We've put together 10 top tips to help get you started.   Read more

Health and safety in your beauty salon

Health and safety must be a priority in your beauty salon. It’s vital to protect your staff and clients and operate within the law. Read more


The importance of client consultations in your salon or barbershop

Whether you have a new client or one that’s been coming to you for years, always carry out a full consultation at the start of the appointment. Read more

National minimum wage

Need to know: keep up to date with National Minimum Wage laws 

Are you paying the correct National Minimum Wage to your employees? How to keep on top of changes and when to check the rates. Read more


Turn complaints into compliments at your salon or barbershop

Handling complaints well is a vital skill for salon and barbershop owners. But how should you respond when someone complains, and what about negative reviews online?  Read more