The NHF already offer a free 24/7 employment law/HR helpline and a free commercial advice line covering questions such as payroll, tax, VAT, health and safety and landlord/tenant issues.

But if you’ve got a question about how to improve your business, how to price your services, how to run a team meeting, or you have a ‘what would you do if you were in my shoes’ type of question, book a call with one of the NHF business coaches for a free 15-minute consultation.

Business Advice

Bear in mind there are no easy answers and it’s likely that you’ll need much more support than can be given in 15 minutes but at least you’ll get some quick ideas to consider. You’ll also get to know our business coaches who can explain the services they provide which will move your business onto another level.

Business Helpline

To book a business helpline call*, fill in the booking form. We will arrange for your coach to call you or email with confirmation for the date and time of the call within 2 working days. You must be available at the arranged time.

*NHF members only. Limited to one free 15-minute call per membership year.