Before you book your 15-minute business helpline call or business coaching visits take a look at their profiles to see which one who will be the best fit for you and the needs of your business.

Your knowledge bank for experience in the industry

All our coaches are experienced in working with clients just like you and many are also trainers delivering NHF business training courses. The support and advice which they provide is based on their experience of what has worked for them and their clients in the past. The NHF however cannot give an absolute guarantee that this support and advice will always resolve every issue which you might have in your business. Also, in order to gain the full benefit, you should try to fully implement all recommendations made by our coaches. The NHF cannot be responsible if you fail to do this.

We’ve also included testimonials so you can see what other clients have said about their experience of working with the coaches.

Chris Amos - Winning Ways


Richard Wallace - Winning Ways


Penny Etheridge - Radiant Hair Consultancy


Ryan Fox - Umbrella Training & Consultancy


Ken West - 365 Hair


Susan Routledge Consultancy

County Durham

David Drew - Impact Business Consultancy


Simon Harris - My Salon Manager


Nikki Jukes - Aim Hi Coaching


Tracie Gunningham - Envy


Ken Main - Meet the Coaches


Steve Hilliard - Business Academy


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