It’s a sad fact of life that things can go wrong when you’re running a business.  The cost of dealing with the worst events, such as fire or flood, or being sued by a client or an employee, could put you out of business overnight. 

While insurance is a business expense, it’s one you really can’t afford to skimp on.  For your own peace of mind, make sure you’ve got the insurance you need for when bad stuff happens.

What insurance do you need?

Legal requirement:

  • If you employ anyone you must have employer’s liability insurance. It protects you if an employee has an illness or injury caused by their work.


  • Public and products liability insurance protects you from claims by the public, for example if they fall over in the salon, or suffer an injury caused by defective salon equipment.
  • Treatment insurance protects you from clients claiming injury from the service or treatment provided. This is why it is essential that you are insured for all the treatments or services offered within your salon. 
  • Buildings and contents insurance to provide cover for loss or damage to your premises, stock, or contents such as lights, sinks, furniture.

Good to have:

  • Equipment breakdown to provide cover for sudden accidental physical damage to equipment that then needs to be repaired.
  • Business interruption to provide cover if you temporarily can’t run your business, for example due to a fire, flood or salon software breakdown.
  • Glass cover for your windows.
  • Money in transit or money during business hours to provide cover for loss of cash.
  • Fidelity cover to protect you against dishonesty by an employee.
  • Loss of metred water to provide cover if you lose your water supply due to damage at the premises.
  • Book debts to provide cover for the cost of reproducing records and chasing debtors if your accounting records are accidentally destroyed.

All of these are included in the standard Salonsure policy provided by our preferred Insurance Broker, Coversure Insurance Services (Huntingdon). 

The standard Salonsure policy provides a one-stop shop solution for beauty salons, hair salons or barbershops covering the treatments and services requiring qualifications up to and including level 3.  

Preferred Insurance Broker

We have worked with Coversure Insurance Services (Huntingdon), an independent insurance broker, for over 10 years.  Salansure insurance policies through Coversure are specially tailored for beauty salons, with a clear and simple menu of advanced treatment extensions covering up to 3 therapists employed by the salon. 

As our preferred broker, we believe the service Coversure offers to our members is second to none.

Benefits of working with Coversure

You get:

  • A 20% discount on standard Salonsure policies as an NHF/NBF member*
  • Price promise on like-for-like policies where Coversure will match the price and undercut it by a further £20 (standard policy)*
  • Payment by instalments to help with cashflow
  • Instant online ‘quote and buy’ with immediate cover (standard policy)
  • Unit-by-unit cover for learners progressing through qualifications up to and including level 3 (standard policy)
  • Additional insurance packages for advanced beauty treatments requiring a qualification at level 4 or above.

*Terms and conditions apply, see

Standard Salonsure insurance policy – beauty salons, hair salons or barbershops

Prices start at £244 (including Insurance Premium Tax) for a standard Salonsure insurance policy which automatically includes: 

Legal requirement:

  • Employers liability - £10 million


  • Public and product liability - £5 million.
  • Treatment insurance -£1 million overs all treatment risks for therapists*, stylists or barbers who are fully trained and qualified** up to and including level 3 for the services and treatments they are providing
  • Business buildings, contents, stock, fixtures and fittings – price will vary depending on whether the buildings are owned or rented, stock levels, value of contents etc.

Also includes:

  • Equipment breakdown cover - £5 million  
  • Business interruption for up to 24 months - £750,000
  • Glass cover - £10,000
  • Money in transit or money during business hours - £5000
  • Fidelity cover (dishonesty by employees) - £12,500
  • Loss of metred water - £25,000
  • Book debts - £50,000
*employed by the salon. Separate policies through Coversure are available for the self-employed.
** unit-by-unit insurance cover is available for therapists who are progressing through an NVQ/SVQ at levels 2 or 3 or an apprenticeship at levels 2 or 3 or for stylists or barbers who are progressing through an apprenticeship at level 2. Documentary evidence of having completed the relevant units must be provided (available from awarding organisations).

Coversure Insurance Services (Huntingdon) price match guarantee:

In the unlikely event Coversure are unable to beat your existing quote for a standard Salonsure insurance policy, they will agree to match the price you have been given less £20 to ensure that you pay the lowest possible price for your beauty salon insurance.

Terms and conditions apply, see 

Or call Coversure on 0333 400 3650 or email