Applying a gel colour, completing a leg wax will all come naturally to you. The ‘financial’ stuff of running a business is less likely to. The better your business knowledge is, the easier it’ll be to manage your finances. Running a business is also admitting that you don’t know everything and sometimes need support. We can help with your business finances.

This section covers:

Included in your membership: 

Support & advice helplines

  • Tax helpline
  • VAT helpline
  • Advice on financial aspects of chair & room/area renting
  • Up to £50,000 automatic legal expenses insurance cover for employment and tax disputes*

Guides & fact sheets

  • Start-up guide
  • Becoming a self-employed beauty therapist
  • Chair, space and room renting for salon and barbershop owners
  • Guide to the financial aspects of running a small business
  • Card processing guide
  • Prices, wages & profits
  • Selling your business guide
  • Guide to franchising your business


  • Discounted rates on card payment solutions
  • 10% discount off PPL music licence 
  • 20% discount off salon insurance

Courses & coaching

  • Discounted rates for business and creative events
  • 1:1 coaching

Latest news

  • Salonfocus magazine
  • Member newsletter 

Are you looking for business training in your hair salon, beauty salon or barbershop? We have a team of professional advisers that have a wealth of experience and can assist your business. Find out how we can help at our Business Academy

How we can help you

Please see below typical scenarios that we help our members with daily:

HMRC investigation:

Q: Would I be covered if I was selected for an HMRC investigation?
A: Being selected for an HMRC investigation can be daunting, time-consuming and very expensive when you have a business to run. Our advisors will support and assist you throughout this difficult period. NHF Members are covered for up to £50,000* per case for legal fees incurred from all tax and VAT investigations as well as PAYE assessments.

Room/space renting:

Q: What should I be charging someone who’s renting a chair within my business.
A: Our guide to being a self-employed beauty therapist and chair, space and room renting for salon and barbershop owners guide can talk you through and give you options and example of calculations. The commercial helpline will also offer you information on the tax and VAT implications for your business. 

Protect your salon business

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*Important information about your legal expenses cover: 

Worried about lawyers’ costs? As an NBF Member you are automatically registered in our Commercial Legal Expenses Scheme for employment and tax disputes.

This cover (free and part of your membership benefits) will pay your business legal costs up to £50,000*. The comprehensive cover extends to solicitors’ and barristers’ fees, court costs, expenses for Expert Witness and accountants’ fees (subject to normal policy terms, conditions and limitations being met). The policy may also pay the costs of appealing or defending an appeal.

Download a PDF of the NBF Legal Expenses Summary of Cover and the Master Policy for details of the terms, limits, conditions and exclusions of your cost protection cover.

The first £250 of costs and expenses in respect of any claim must be paid by you direct to the representative appointed to act for you as soon as a claim is accepted.