People are your greatest asset! Your salon and barbershops success will be down to the skill of your team, so recruiting, employing, keeping and motivating your staff is vital. The NHF can support you in every aspect of employing and managing people.

Our expert HR support ensures that you’re saving time and money on expensive legal fees with our industry specific knowledge and documentation.

This section covers:

Included in your membership: 

Employment law support

  • 24/7 employment law advice helpline 
  • Up to £50,000 automatic legal expenses insurance cover for employment disputes*
  • Restrictive covenant enforcement advice and support 


  • Guide to apprenticeships 
  • Guide to recruitment 
  • Template job description 
  • Example interview questions
  • Application form template
  • Guide to hiring a manager 

Ready-to-use contracts, letters and policies

  • Employment contracts
  • Apprenticeship agreements/deeds (Scotland & N Ireland) 
  • Chair & room/area renting agreements 
  • Employee handbook 
  • Data protection policy for employees
  • Bribery and corruption policy 
  • Employee contract letter 
  • Maternity leave & adoption leave acknowledgement letter
  • Restrictive covenants template letters 

Managing your team

  • 24/7 employment law advice helpline 
  • Guide to employing people 
  • Staff handbook 
  • Guide to managing performance 
  • Performance appraisal template 
  • Guide to absence management and templates
  • Employment attendance record 
  • Guide to prices, wages & profits 
  • Guide to NMW & NLW 
  • Guide to work place pensions 
  • 24/7 payroll helpline 
  • Guide to chair renting or employing staff
  • Health & safety toolkit (hair/beauty)
  • Discount on employee benefits
  • Salonfocus magazine with the latest news


  • 20% discount off employers’ liability insurance 
  • Quote & buy for immediate specialist cover

Courses & coaching

  • Discounted rates for business and creative events
  • 1:1 coaching

Lobbying for you 

  • Apprenticeships 
  • Criteria for self-employment 
  • NMW & NLW

In addition to your free employment advice our helpline also provides support on queries relating to health & safety, tax, VAT, payroll and chair/room renting

How we can help you

Please see below typical scenarios that we help our members with daily:

Holiday pay:

Q: What are my part-time stylists entitled to by law?
A: We’ll do the calculation for you to ensure that your employees holiday entitlement for the year is correct.


Q: I’m taking on my first employee so do I need Employers’ Liability insurance?
A: Yes, you do, and we offer a 20% discount for NHF Members on salon insurance.

National Minimum Wage:

Q: What is the correct NMW for my apprentice?
A: We’ll provide you with the correct rate for your employee and also send you our National Minimum and Living Wage guide, so you have the correct information to avoid being fined and publicly ‘named and shamed’.

Employing a new team member:

Q: I’m interviewing for a new member of staff can you help me?
A: We have a series of tools that help with your recruitment process from job descriptions to interview question, as well as our guide to recruitment to assist you.

Staff sickness:

Q: I have a member of staff that keeps ringing sick on a Saturday morning after being out on the Friday night.
A: Our employment/HR helpline can guide you through the necessary steps to take in handling sickness and absence of employees. We also have an absence management guide.

What our members say

“My NHF membership enabled me to win my case in court and claim compensation. When one of my employees broke his contract, NHF backed me up through its legal expenses insurance. They assigned me a lawyer and we took the case to court – the costs were covered thanks to my membership. We won, and I was awarded compensation.”

Victor Pajak, Owner Headquarter 

Protect your hair and barbershop

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*Important information about your legal expenses cover:

Worried about lawyers’ costs? As an NHF Member you are automatically registered in our Commercial Legal Expenses Scheme for employment and tax disputes.
This cover (free and part of your membership benefits) will pay your business legal costs up to £50,000*. The comprehensive cover extends to solicitors’ and barristers’ fees, court costs, expenses for Expert Witness and accountants’ fees (subject to normal policy terms, conditions and limitations being met). The policy may also pay the costs of appealing or defending an appeal.
Download a PDF of the NHF Legal Expenses Summary of Cover and the Master Policy for details of the terms, limits, conditions and exclusions of your cost protection cover.
The first £250 of costs and expenses in respect of any claim must be paid by you direct to the representative appointed to act for you as soon as a claim is accepted.