The definition of an apprentice is: ‘a person who works for another in order to learn a trade.’ Apprenticeships allow young people to combine practical training in a job with study, learning practical skills whilst earning a wage.  Ensuring you’ve got the correct contracts and paying them the correct wage is an important part of running a business as apprentices are vital for the industry.

We also campaign on ensuring the training standards are right for the hair and beauty industry.

This section covers:

Included in your membership: 

Ready-to-use contracts & letters:

  • Apprenticeship agreements and deeds (Scotland & N Ireland)
  • Employee handbook 
  • Data protection policy for employees


  • Guide to apprenticeships
  • Guide to recruitment 
  • Example job description 
  • Guide to employing people 
  • Guide to prices, wages and profits
  • Job application form

Managing your apprentices:

  • 24/7 employment law advice helpline 
  • Guide to employing people 
  • Employee handbook 
  • Guide to managing performance 
  • Performance review template 
  • Guide to absence management 
  • Employment attendance record 
  • Guide to prices, wages & profits 
  • Guide to NMW & NLW 
  • 24/7 payroll helpline 
  • Health & safety toolkit 
  • Staff incentive discounts
  • Salonfocus magazine with the latest news

Lobbying for you:

  • Improving hair & beauty apprenticeship standards

Get your voice heard! We fight for the hair and barbering industry on key areas which impact the industry including improving the apprenticeship standards and funding models for the hair, beauty and barbering industry.  

How we can help you

Please see below typical scenarios that we help our members with daily:

Trailblazer apprenticeships:

Q: Can you explain what’s changed and what I now need to do?
A: Of course, and we also have a guide we can send to you on the topic. Did you also know that we provide watertight apprenticeship agreement/deeds templates you can download and use?


Q: What should I be paying my apprentice?
A: Our friendly membership team can guide you through the correct wage you should be paying your apprentice. Our apprenticeship guide and NMW guide will also support queries on this topic.


Q: I’m not sure the apprentice is working for my business. Can I dismiss them?
A: We have a 24/7 employment/HR helpline which can answer your queries and guide you through the process. NHF Members not only get free access to the helpline but also free apprenticeship contracts / deeds and staff handbooks which clearly details policies including dismissal. 

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