It’s a sad fact of life that things can go wrong when you’re running a business as a self-employed person.

The cost of dealing with the worst events, such as being sued by a client, could put you out of business overnight.

While insurance is a business expense, it’s one you really can’t afford to skimp on. For your own peace of mind, make sure you’ve got the insurance you need for when bad stuff happens.

What insurance do you need?


  • Public and products liability insurance protects you from claims by the public, for example if they suffer an injury while you’re providing them with a service.
  • Treatment insurance protects you from clients claiming injury from the service provided. This is why it is essential that you are insured for all the services you provide.

The policy available through our preferred Insurance Broker, Coversure Insurance Services (Huntingdon) for self-employed people running a hairdressing or barbering business provides:

  • Public and product liability - £2 million.
  • Treatment insurance - £1 million covers all treatment risks for self-employed stylists or barbers who are fully trained and qualified up to and including level 3 for the services they are providing


The typical price for a Coversure (Huntingdon) public liability policy for a self-employed stylist or barber starts from £66.37.

Are you a self-employed person with premises?

If you are a self-employed person but you own a hair salon or barbershop, you need insurance suitable for a salon owner.

Do you employ anyone?

Preferred Insurance Broker

We have worked with Coversure Insurance Services (Huntingdon), an independent insurance broker, for over 10 years. Policies through Coversure are specially tailored to provide self-employed stylists and barbers with the cover they need.

As our preferred broker, we believe the service Coversure (Huntingdon) offers to our members is second to none.

Further benefits of working with Coversure (Huntingdon)

You get:

  • The option to pay in two instalments.

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