Arapio Ltd

What does arapio do?

Consultation Forms & Record Cards on your Smart phone/Tablet/Laptop or PC (just like the cardboard version but a zillion times better)

Why is arapio amazing?

Helps to keep you GDPR compliant and to keep the records you need for Insurance should you ever have a claim made against you – helping keep you, your clients and your business safe.

Anything else?

Saves you a heap of time – consultations are completed by your client online then reviewed by you prior to the appointment - letting you see if there are any contra-indications/if an allergy test is due. Seriously Affordable - Pay-As-You-Go cards from as little as 2p per use. Monthly subscription is £8 (for any size of business). The only other cost is a one-off set-up fee – typically £15- £25. Arapio can also create forms specifically to your requirements – email us at

And finally……No contract or licence fees AND Super Easy to use.