ICO Management Services Ltd t/a Loop HR Software

Loop software is a cloud based HR and Data management system giving salon and barbershop owners unique tools to set goals, manage costs and communicate with employees. 

Loop is not a Point of Sale system; it is a series of tools to help protect your business. Streamline Your HR Processes: Fully costed salary and reward programs, and payroll reporting; Team Bonuses; Financial forecasting; Income reporting and analysis; Hassle free data management, quickly see holiday requests, attendance and absent data; Improve communication with employees using employee login; Business calculators for retail margins, tax and pricelist creator; Successful Business: Feel good about managing your salon or barbershop using proven strategies. Save Time and Effort: Getting started is often the most challenging; but with just a little help from Loop you can free up more time, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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