1. What is Recommend A Friend? Recommend A Friend is a way for NHF members to recommend NHF membership to their friends and get rewarded for doing so. For every friend that becomes an NHF member, you will gain a voucher for £25.00. Not only that, your friend has the benefit of receiving £25.00 off their first years membership. The more friends you recommend and sign up for NHF membership, the more vouchers you'll receive (and there is no limit to the amount of friends you can refer). Find out more by reading the Recommend A Friend Terms and Conditions.
  2. Who can benefit from Recommend A Friend? Any NHF member holding an active membership can benefit from Recommend A Friend. The membership number is important as it enable us to administer the scheme and award you the benefits you've earned. You can check you have the correct membership number that is registered with us by calling one of our membership team 01234 831965. If the ‘friend’ has been a member in the last three months and either cancelled or let their membership lapse they will not be eligible for the reward.
  3. How can I Recommend a Friend? All you need to do is tell a salon owner you know the salon down the road or a colleague about how great NHF membership is. Firstly go to the Recommend A Friend page and find out how you can take part in this scheme. Pass on your membership number to your friends, on successful sign-up, will entitle them to their £25.00 off their membership and credit you with your £25.00 voucher on successful recommendation. The code used by your friends, will tell us they are applying as a friend of yours. We will then be able to correctly assign your reward once their membership status is completed and they are issued with their membership card.
  4. When can I Recommend a Friend? You can recommend friends as soon as you become an NHF member (that is, when you reach the end of the 7-day cooling off period after application, and as long as you haven't cancelled during that time).
  5. What's in it for me? It's really quite simple. One successful recommendation will earn you £25.00 voucher. See our Terms & Conditions for how we define a successful application. Not only that, this doesn’t stop at one recommendation you will earn a £25.00 voucher for every successful recommendation we receive.
  6. What's in it for my Friend? The friend you recommended who becomes an NHF member using your unique code to join will receive £25.00 off their membership. In addition to that, once they have remained a member beyond the 7-day cooling off period, your friend can make their own recommendations earning themselves vouchers as well.
  7. How many Friends can I Recommend? You can refer as many friends as you like, you will be rewarded for each successful recommendation.
  8. How will I receive my reward? Once your friend has successfully completed the NHF membership application process using your code, has remained a member beyond the 7-day cooling off period, and has paid their membership in full, you will be sent your £25.00 voucher. You should receive it within 30 days of the new member joining. If you are the recommendee, you will automatically receive your £25.00 off your membership fee and payment point of registration.
  9. What if my reward doesn’t arrive? If you've claimed your reward and it hasn't arrived within 30 days, please contact one of the membership team on 01234 831965.
  10. What if I don’t know my membership number? If you've lost or can’t remember your membership number please call the NHF membership team who will be able to provide it for you 01234 831965.
  11. What happens if I cancel my membership? If you cancel your membership you will be unable to take part in the scheme.
  12. What happens if my Recommended Friends cancel their memberships? Nothing. As the member will have paid a full subscription in order for you to receive your reward.
  13. I used to be a member of the NHF – can I apply? Of course! Simply apply for a new NHF membership here and once you pass your 7-day cooling off period you will be able to recommend friends. However if the ‘friend’ has been a member in the last three months and either cancelled or let their membership lapse they will not be eligible for the reward.
  14. How can my friends apply? Your friends that wish to join the NHF using the Recommend a Friend code must complete their application online form or contact one of the membership team on 01234 831965 to join. You can also download the application form and attach a referral card with the unique code and send it to One Abbey Court, Fraser Road, Priory Business Park, Bedford MK44 3WH.
  15. My Friend has given me a Recommend a Friend code – what do I need to do? It's so easy to apply for your NHF membership using the code your friend has provided for you. Just have your code handy ready for your application.
  16. Why doesn't my code work? Please check you are using the correctly formatted code that your friend provided you with. Call one of the membership team and we will try and help make your registration process easier. For more information view the Recommend a Friend Terms & Conditions.