1. The Recommend A Friend Offer (the "Offer") is open to existing NHF members whose accounts are valid and fully paid at the time of the recommendation ("Members") and who hold a valid membership number that is registered with the NHF.
  2. The Recommend A Friend Offer is not open to ‘Friends’  who have been a member in the last three months and either cancelled or let their membership lapse they will not be eligible for the reward.
  3. The Recommend A Friend Offer is not open to NHF employee or NHF representatives.
  4. Members will qualify for the advertised £25.00 voucher ("Free Voucher") if the friend ("Friend") that they have recommended (a) is eligible for salon or solo membership, (b) successfully completes the online application process using the relevant Offer code, and (d) has successfully paid for their membership in full minus their £25.00 discount.
  5. A Friend that is subscribing as part of the Offer will automatically receive their £25.00 discount off their membership fee, as long as they subscribe using the relevant Offer code, and pay their membership fee in full.
  6. The Free Voucher for existing Members will be noted against qualifying Members' accounts within receipt of successful application, and full payment from the new member the existing member will receive their £25.00 voucher, within 30 days of the new member joining. For example, if a Member makes a successful recommendation once the member has joined the NHF and paid in full successfully the existing member will receive their £25.00 for each referral.
  7. Members will be contacted following each successful recommendation containing of when they will receive their voucher. Members should ensure the contact details provided to the NHF and on their membership record card are up to date.
  8. All outstanding balances on accounts must be paid in full before any existing member can take part in the scheme.
  9. £25.00 discount off membership or the £25.00 voucher, cannot be exchanged for cash, cannot be transferred, and cannot be used to reduce any outstanding charges owed by Members or the Friends that are recommended to the NHF. Any cancellation of a Members' NHF subscription (for whatever reason) or deactivation of the NHF membership will result in the loss of any accrued discounts or vouchers.
  10. Members may benefit from an unlimited amount of successful referrals or recommendations.
  11. The Offer is only available in conjunction with applications that are paid in full and recommended friends must use the Offer code provided.
  12. The Offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer.
  13. The National Hairdressers’ Federation has the right to amend or withdraw the Offer at any time and without notice. These terms and conditions may be amended by The National Hairdressers’ Federation at any time and without notice.
  14. Normal NHF terms and conditions (including the requirement for new members to sign up for an initial period of 12 months) and the National Hairdressers’ Federation Privacy Policy will apply to all new members introduced through the Offer.