18 September 2019

A day in the life of Ian Egerton

My alarm goes off at 6.30am and, if I’m going to the office, I’m on the Tube by 7.40am. However, there is no typical day, as I work and travel a lot.

I am responsible for a mix of activities and elements for my businesses and the NHF/NBF. I distribute my time to work on specific projects at dedicated times; this helps me remain productive! I have been an NHF/NBF board member for eight years, so am very familiar with those duties but, now that I’m president, my role is more varied. With a strong CEO and excellent head office team, the president’s role is to oversee elements of the business, as well as chair board meetings and attend functions, be that industry, government or other events.

Days with NHF/NBF… Prior to board meetings, all board members will prepare by reading their notes and be ready to follow the agenda, which is often filled with a mix of updates about ongoing and future projects. Prior to meetings, I would typically discuss the agenda with the CEO and read through all the meeting papers. On the day, my role is to chair the meeting, lead debates and help the board achieve positive outcomes to the benefit of Members.

Days at my salon, The Stress Exchange…In 2003, after 25 years, I stopped working on the salon floor. I did this to focus on running the business and, to this day, I absolutely love being in the salon (where my office is based) and working with my team. My typical day involves meetings with team members, reviewing numbers, liaising with suppliers (be that about marketing, training, events or accounts, to name but a few). My creative side is fed through helping my team achieve their goals, seeing others learn new skills and the joy of seeing guests leave the salon looking and feeling fantastic.

The best part of my job…Both as a salon owner and as president of the NHF/NBF, it is being involved in an industry that I am absolutely passionate about.

Post work…To relax, I practise yoga and so strength training at the gym. Living in London means there are always friends and colleagues passing through town, so I’m always busy!