21 May 2019

A new All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) has been set up for beauty, aesthetics and wellbeing, chaired by Carolyn Harris MP and Judith Cummins MP.  APPGs are informal cross-party groups which are run by and for Members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords.  They usually involve organisations from outside Parliament in running the APPG and contributing to their work. 

The formation of this group within Parliament shows that MPs recognise the importance of the beauty industry to the UK economy and also shows they have a real interest in the challenges the industry currently faces.  The political spotlight is on aesthetics and non-medical cosmetic procedures, reflected in the fact that the Department of Health and Social Care has just launched a safety campaign, #CluedUpOnCosmetics, targeted at young people 18-35, who research has shown are the most likely to be considering treatments such as fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments such as Botox.

The new group’s formation was announced at a Westminster Hall debate on the medical aesthetics industry, with MPs calling for a new minimum age law of 18 to make it more difficult for young and impressionable people to have unsuitable cosmetic procedures. 

The debate also confirmed that beauty therapists have a role to play in providing aesthetic treatments, provided they are properly trained and qualified.  The Public Health Minister, Jackie Doyle-Price, said: “There are some very reputable practitioners out there who are not actually in the medical industry.  Anyone who establishes themselves in business as a beautician wants to deliver a good service, has pride in what they do and would not want to be accused of doing anything unsafe.”

We look forward to the group taking an active interest in the challenges faced by the industry

 Hilary Hall, NBF chief executive, said: “The NBF is delighted to be sponsoring the activities of the All-Party Parliamentary Group.  We look forward to the group taking an active interest in the challenges faced by the industry and to finding workable and practical solutions which give consumers the reassurance they need that their safety and wellbeing are in safe hands, whether their treatments are provided by medical or beauty professionals. We welcome the active involvement of a wide range of industry bodies and other stakeholders.”