8 April 2014

Olllie Vines & Hannah PettingerThe winners of the Christofer Mann ‘Step Up & Shine’ Scholarship were announced on Monday evening at the Fellowships President Night.

Throughout March eight interviews were completed by an NHF representative. The final judging then took place on 31 March where the judges gathered to make the final outcome.

Due to the extremely high standards of the interviews it was such a close call that it was decided to award not one but two prizes. The passion and drive of the individuals was recognised by all.

Paul Curry, World Hair Director said,

The individuals showed so much passion and drive about education and the industry that when it came down to whom the winner would be we simply couldn’t decide. Therefore and in the scholarships first year we have awarded two individuals this amazing opportunity with them both receiving a training fund of £2,500’.

We are pleased to announce that for the first year of Step Up and Shine there are two winners are:

Ollie Vines, Heaven Hair, Salisbury

Hannah Pettinger, NJUK Beautiful Hair, Chesterfield

The winners will now have a mentoring session with Debbie G who will help them plan their year of training and we will follow them on their journey throughout the year.