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Client Experience

Client reception: the importance of your front-of-house staff

How can you help your front-of-house staff make the most of their role - and a real difference to your bottom line?  Read more


Loyalty lessons: learn how to keep your salon clients

Find out how to keep your clients, if loyalty schemes can help, and how to make the most of your salon software. Read more

Client Experience

How to deal with the salon client from hell

Sometimes those client/stylist relationships can be dreaded ones, and clients can become a client from hell. In that case, you simply need to remember a few things.   Read more


The Great Client Experience

Customer experience differentiates your salon from the one around the corner. We all deliver a great client experience at times but how do you get the team to make sure this happens every time.  Read more


Are you listening?

Angela Bartlett from Hidden Beauty UK provides you with some top tips to check that you’re listening to what your clients are really saying.  Read more


The importance of a client consultation

We know client consultations are important, but did you know that it is a legal requirement to perform a consultation before every treatment, even for regular clients?   Read more