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Barber lights

Prices, retail and profits in your salon or barbershop

Getting the basics right such as prices and retail sales is crucial if you want to make a profit and grow your salon or barbershop business. Read more


Getting your payroll right: top tips for salons and barbershops

There's more to getting your payroll right than simply paying wages and deducting the right amount of tax. Read more

Digital tax

Digital tax for VAT-registered salons and barbershops 

New rules called ‘Making Tax Digital’ will require VAT-registered businesses to ‘go digital’. Find out what’s involved and get ahead of the curve. Read more


Franchising in hair, beauty and barbering: is it for you?

Franchising can work well in the hair, beauty and barbering industries, but you’ll need to understand what’s involved and what to expect. Read more


Cashless and contactless: are you ready?

Are you ready to offer cashless and contactless payments in your salon or barbershop? Read more

Workplace pensions: what's involved?

If you employ people in your salon or barbershop the law says you must provide a workplace pension. But what’s involved? Read more

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Accountancy, tax and VAT for salons and barbershops

Nervous about number-crunching and in need of some sound tax and VAT advice for your salon or barbershop? Read more

National minimum wage

Need to know: keep up to date with National Minimum Wage laws 

Are you paying the correct National Minimum Wage to your employees? How to keep on top of changes and when to check the rates. Read more


Business rates for salons and barbershops

Are you paying the correct business rates? Find out what the current situation is and what changed in the 2018 budget. Read more


Grow your salon or barbershop profits and business

You want a thriving and profitable business – but what’s the secret of success for your salon or barbershop? Read more

Business banking

Business banking: time to switch?

Have you got the best bank account for your hair, beauty or barbering business? Find out what to look for and if it’s a good idea to switch. Read more

Cash flow forecast

How to plan a cash flow forecast for your salon or barbershop

Cash flow confidence for your hair or beauty salon or barbershop: how to take control of your cash and make sure your business thrives. Read more

Tax Inspection

How to survive a tax inspection at your salon or barbershop

Follow our best practice tips to help avoid penalties and in-depth tax and VAT investigations. Read more


Choose the perfect card payment solution for your salon

Find the perfect card payment solution – and make sure you don't break new card payment laws.   Read more

Self employment

Claiming business expenses as a chair, space or room renter

As a self-employed chair, space or room renter you must file your own tax returns. Claim ‘allowable expenses’ to help reduce your tax bill.  Read more


Financing the set-up and growth of your salon or barbershop

If you’re looking to finance a new salon or barbershop or need some extra cash to expand, where do you start? Read more