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Dealing with a stressed salon or barbershop employee

Providing support to an employee of your salon or barbershop who is suffering with work-related stress. Read more


Bullying can damage your salon business

Don’t turn a blind eye to bullying: make sure you protect your employees and stay within the law. Read more

Baby maternity

Maternity & paternity pay for salon and barbershop staff

Find out if your employees are entitled to Statutory Maternity or Paternity Pay and if not, what else might be available. Read more 


Recruiting a hair, beauty or barbering apprentice: where to start

Looking for an apprentice but not sure where to start? Discover some top tips for finding the right person and getting the correct agreements in place. Read more


Taking on a hair, beauty or barbering apprentice

We explore some of the practicalities of taking on an apprentice including funding and apprenticeship pay rates. Read more


How to support a grieving salon or barbershop employee

What should you do when one of your salon or barbershop employees is grieving for a close family member or friend?  Read more

Hi five

The key to a happy salon or barbershop team

How to keep your salon or barbershop team happy and motivated.  Read more

National minimum wage

Advertising your job vacancy for your hair or beauty business

One of the most popular questions we get when people are trying to recruit is where should they advertise the position for their hair or beauty business.  Read more

Recruit the right team

How to recruit the right hair & beauty salon team

Finding it hard to recruit the best employees for your hair, beauty or barber business?  We share our best recruitment tips and advice.  Read more


Hiring Right Every time

Employees are the lifeblood of any business yet it can be a challenge to find the right one.  Read more


Retaining your salon team

We share tips and advice on how to stop your good staff leaving.   Read more

Hiring Staff

How to hire a salon or barbershop manager

How do you find a manager you can trust with the future success of your hair, beauty or barbershop business? Read more