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How to market your salon for (almost) free

Marketing your salon or barbershop doesn't have to break the bank. You'll need to spend some time, but not necessarily much money.  Read more


Channel your creativity and get your salon noticed

Lights, camera, action: is your salon or barbershop on YouTube? Find out how to get started and discover top tips for YouTube success. Read more


The importance of awards for your salon or barbershop

Winning an award or competition is a great way to show that your salon or barbershop is among the best in the business.Get some top tips for success. Read more

Salon Technology

E-marketing: do's, don'ts and benefits

E-marketing is a great way to stay in contact with your clients and keep them up to date with the latest trends, special offers and new from your salon or barbershop.   Read more

Tips for creating better salon adverts

Create better adverts for your salon or barbershop

Whether you’re advertising online or in local newspapers or magazines, you’ll want to make the most of your advertising budget. Read more

Set up social media

Use social media to boost your salon or barbershop

Keep your social media accounts updated and relevant as part of your regular marketing activities.  Read more


Tips on building a website for your salon or barbershop

Your website is your virtual shop window and a key marketing tool to help you stand out from the competition and attract new clients. Read more