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Business awards

Guidance on award entries for your salon or barbershop business 

Your guide to entering awards for your salon or barbershop business and making your entry stand out from the crowd.  Read more

Cyber threats

Protect your hair & beauty business from cyber threats 

Is your salon business an easy target for cyber attacks and hackers?  Read more

Email Marketing

7 reasons to promote your salon with email marketing

Not sure how email marketing could help you and your business? We look at 7 reasons why you shouldn’t ignore it.   Read more

Tips for creating better salon adverts

5 tips for creating better salon press adverts

We share our marketing tips on how to squeeze the most from your local media advertising.   Read more

Set up social media

Why and how to set up a salon social media policy

Don’t get caught out by social media. We look at why and how you should set up a social media policy in your business.  Read more

Business website

Tips on building a website for your salon or barbershop

Building and maintaining a website might sound a little bit intimidating, but no need to be overwhelmed! Timely have got you covered with a few basic tips to help you make a website as awesome as your business.   Read more

Flying start

Get your salon marketing off to a flying start

Alice Kirby of Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing looks at how to kick-start your marketing in the New Year.   Read more

Hairdressers receptionist

Salon Call Manager

Losing clients because they cannot get through on the phone is poor business so salons should consider a Salon Call Manager   Read more


The perks of industry competitions

There are so many competitions across the hairdressing, beauty and barbering industry, but what can these mean for your salon and why should you encourage participation?   Read more

Making Twitter work for your salon

Making Twitter work for your salon

Are you spending too much marketing time on Twitter for little return? Beginning to think it’s a waste of effort? Try these 4 strategies and get Twitter working for your salon business.   Read more

Getting your salon found locally

Getting your salon found locally

5 top tips on how to ensure Google lists your salon on local searches.   Read more

Free marketing ideas

How to market your salon for (almost) free

Strapped for cash? Alice Kirby of Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing shares 3 low-cost ways to market your hair or beauty salon.   Read more

Online Retailing

Expanding into online retailing

Online is not just the future of salon retail, it’s already the present. So, if you’re not up to speed with selling online, you need to be on board… fast, advises hairdresser Daniel Field.  Read more

Creating An App

Creating an App for your salon

Do you really need an app for your salon? How to get started and how to do it properly, and make sure it is right for your salon.  Read more


Power to the People

Hairdressing is a chatty ‘people’ business and so you may think you are a good networker. But networking is a marketing and promotional tool many businesses fail to use to its full potential.  Read more


One in a million

Having a great website is one thing, getting it noticed online is quite another. Sean Greentree outlines how not to end up down an online back alley.  Read more

YouTube Creativity

Channel your creativity

More and more hairdressers are putting their work and their business up on social media channel YouTube. But how easy is it to do? Anne Veck explains.  Read more