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The importance of training in your hair salon or barbershop

Is training an ongoing priority in your hair salon or barbershop? If not, it should be. Read more

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Sustainable salons and barbershops – from veganism to plastic-free options

Can your salon or barbershop embrace veganism and other environmental initiatives while still making a profit and attracting new clients?  Read more

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Cut out inequality at your barbershop

Can a barbershop refuse to cut a woman’s hair? Or charge more for doing so? Find out how equality law applies to barbershops. Read more

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Go digital: online booking for barbershops

Just 8% of barbershops said they offer online bookings. This means there’s a great opportunity to stand out from the competition and grow your client base. Read more

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Does your barbershop stand out from the crowd?

Are you thinking of opening a barbershop? Would you like to boost your barbershop business? Being bland just won’t cut it: you need to create a buzz and stand out from the crowd. Read more


Offering hair loss services in your barbershop

Looking to add hair loss solutions to your business mix? We look at the options. Read more