What we want

  • Health and safe working practices in salons and barbershops.

What have we achieved?

  • Developed a simple toolkit to help employers meet health and safety requirements.

Health and Safety

250 businesses have ordered an NHF Health & Safety box or pack to ensure a health and safe working environment.

What are we doing?

  • Fighting against the implementation of an unnecessary and expensive EU health & safety directives in the UK.

Improve your H&S knowledge

Want to work with us in improving health and safety standards within the hair and beauty industry? NHF Members can lend their expertise to help us improve H&S tools for salon owners. Members also enjoy access to our free health & safety advice and access to our H&S box and H&S pack

Join the NHF today to make your business safer and make our voice louder.

NHF Members can login to learn more about what the NHF are campaigning on today and access our health & safety tools or, if you prefer, speak to our Membership Team on 01234 831965 or email us.