Fighting for you in 2019….

… your business and the hairdressing, barbering and beauty industries

You’ve told us what matters most to you and we’ll be campaigning on these vital issues.

VAT and taxes


VAT and other taxes

 What you want

  • A fairer VAT system for salons with employees compared to salons with self-employed chair/room renters.
  • A lower VAT rate for labour-intensive service industries, such as salons.
  • Tiered VAT rates so a large VAT bill is not payable as soon as the threshold is reached.
  • A fairer National Insurance system so employers do not have to pay 13% contributions while those with chair/room renters pay nothing.


National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage

What you want

  • The National Living Wage/National Minimum Wage (NLW/NMW) to be increased more gradually and over a longer period of time to help protect jobs, especially junior roles.
  • Recognition that NLW/NMW increases mean that senior staff salaries also have to rise – further increasing wage costs.
  • Apprentices to be paid at the apprenticeship rate regardless of age or how long they have been on an apprenticeship programme.
Employment status

Employment status

What you want

  • Clear guidelines on the difference between employees and self-employed chair/room renters, including their rights and employers’ responsibilities.
  • Recognition that pension contributions, the NMW/NLW and other employment-related costs encourage business owners to prefer self-employed chair/room renters.
Business rates

Business rates and high streets

What you want 

  • Recognition that business rates are an outdated tax when online businesses are exempt.
  • Business rates reductions for small businesses.
  • More government support for town centre improvement schemes to help attract more shoppers and salon/barbershop clients.


What you want

  • Apprenticeship standards to equip individuals with ‘work-ready’ skills.
  • Affordable apprentice schemes for small businesses.
  • Greater recognition by schools, colleges and parents that apprenticeships are the preferred route into our industry.

Better enforcement

What you want

  • A crackdown on businesses that:
    - ‘Operate ‘cash-in-hand’ and don’t pay taxes.
    - Employ illegal workers.
    - Underpay or exploit their employees.