Email marketing is a simple, effective and affordable means of building trust with your client base and potential new clients.

Think of email marketing as akin to a personal chat over coffee with your clients. It’s an opportunity to share those aspects of your business that they would miss out on, simply because they’re not in your salon or barbershop every day. Clients love being kept in the loop and you’ll benefit from the trust you build.


Is an e-news worth my time?

Email marketing has the potential to be the bread and butter of your communications.

Why? “Because it’s an affordable and accessible means of communicating. With one of the highest ROI (return on investment) of any marketing activity, it’s a great use of your time,” explains Dave Strydom from Timely.

7 reasons why email marketing is something you need to be doing in your hair, beauty or barber business:

1. People expect something from you

If you’ve got someone’s email address it means they’ve registered their interest in your salon services. They already know you and are open to hearing from you. In fact, they’re likely expecting some kind of offer from you and will take you up on the ones that suit them.

2. Email lets you measure when people are listening

When you advertise in a newspaper or magazine you don’t know who sees your advert, or if they even want to see it.

Email marketing services, such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, will tell you how many people opened your message and who clicked on the links. So you will know which messages works best with your hair & beauty clients.

3. Measure salon success

Set a goal for your email marketing and track your success using a SMART plan.

If you don’t have a metric, start by aiming to get 10 new clients through the door. That means you’ll need to work on your open rate (which measures how good your subject line is) and click rate (how effective your call to action is).

4. Put your message in your salon clients’ hands

Email is more accessible than ever. Most people carry their emails with them on their smartphone. Recent stats show that over half of all emails sent are opened on mobile devices.

5. Email is a great tool for driving traffic

Well placed, meaningful links and calls to action in your emails will lead clients back to your website.

Once there, draw them in with interesting blog posts, salon discount offers or online booking. Not only does it mean more bookings, but it’s also great for your traffic numbers and your search engine ranking.

6. Easy to get your salon message across

Email marketing is dynamic: you can add images, videos, and links. You can even include a link to allow readers to book their next hair or beauty appointment from the email.

7. Email marketing is highly effective when done right

A friendly and helpful e-news, that comes across as a conversation between friends over coffee, will go a long way towards building trust with your salon or barbershop audience.

Start with an effective subject line that leads into your own distinctive tone of voice. Keep your content friendly and relevant, but most of all valuable.

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