Every year the National Hairdressers Federation (NHF) and the National Beauty Federation (NBF) releases statistics giving an overview of the hairdressing, barbering and beauty businesses. 

You've come to the right place if you want to know: 

  • The number of hair and beauty businesses in the UK.
  • Their contribution to the UK economy.
  • Salon turnover in different parts of the country. 
  • The number of people working in hair and beauty. 
  • Patterns of work, including employment and self-employment. 
  • Age and gender. 
  • Apprenticeships.
  • Health and wellbeing.

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Note: Please acknowledge the NHF/NBF and the data sources when using these statistics. 

Official definitions of the hair and beauty industry include: 

Hair washing, trimming and cutting, setting, dyeing, tinting, waving, straightening and similar activities for men and women, barbering, shaving and beard trimming, trichology, facial massage, manicure and pedicure, make-up, electrolysis and other beauty treatments, but not the manufacture of wigs.


NHF Industry Statistics