There are so many competitions across the hairdressing, beauty and barbering industry, but what can these mean for your salon and why should you encourage participation? 

  1. Awards are an independent recommendation from industry experts that you have proved your salon to be one of the best around. They confer credibility, respect and confidence which make retaining existing clients, attracting new ones and building a stronger brand profile far easier.
  2. Don’t wait to win. Being shortlisted is enough to start using the competition to promote your salon. This way you get two bites of the marketing cherry if you then go on to win.
  3. Contact your local media as soon as you know you’ve been selected. Issue a press release and always try to include an eye-catching high resolution photograph. The media like an upbeat local story so don’t be afraid to approach them early on.
  4. Shout about your success. Share the story behind your win on your website, social media and email marketing. It’s not being egotistical – it’s good for business. Clients love being associated with success, and potential new clients are more likely to give you a try.
  5. Stand out from the local competition by using the competition logo, together with the phrase “award-winning salon,” liberally on all your online and offline marketing materials. Display your award together with photos from the event in your salon – it’s great for team motivation and morale as well as promoting your creative skills to clients.
  6. Winning industry awards attracts the most talented new employees to your salon as people love to work for the best.
  7. Improve employee retention by making your team feel valued. Awards boost morale, increase motivation and reward outstanding performance. Build on this by visibly recognising their achievement both in salon and across all your marketing channels. Congratulate them on your social media, praise them on your website, feature them in a press release.

Alice Kirby, Director of Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing